We’d love for you to join in on the ministries at Center Pointe!

Kids Pointe

We love our kids! And we’d love to welcome yours into the family! Nursery Nursery Kids Pointe is for children who are infants through age 5. The Nursery Team desires to be a group of people who you trust with your little one, to play and learn about Jesus while you are participating in Worship Gathering. Each week the Nursery Team guides the children through lots of…

Growth Pointe

Join us during the week! Our Growth Pointe small groups are available¬†to build a closer relationship with those near you. We know you just can’t get that closeness from worship gatherings on Sundays. ¬†We have plenty of groups at different times and locations to help you grow deeper as a community and in the Word. Topics, locations, and times change throughout the…